Vi Ses København! 

This is extremely overdue, but it took me a while to collect my thoughts and reflect on the best semester I have ever had. Copenhagen truly is a place that I will always consider a second home. I confidently showed several friends who visited as well as my parents and I did not need to use google maps or trip advisor to figure out plans for the weekend at all. It was home. I am so grateful to my flatmates and kollegium friends from Stads. Living there provided me with a family that I cannot wait to be reconnected with again. I still keep in touch with my flatmates as well as locals from the building because the connections I made during this time are truly friends that I want to always keep in my life. 

The goodbyes I had to make in my last week were really hard for me. I hate not knowing when you will see someone again, but I am grateful for the experiences I was able to have. Here’s a list of the things I am most grateful for in my time in Copenhagen in no specific order … 

  • My roommates Adrià, Clara, Genesis, and Anna for making our apartment a home for me and becoming some of the bestest friends I could have ever asked for. I will always cherish our dinners and hangouts. Anna, for bringing me to your dance classes and always watching out for me. Clara, for being the kindest friend that I could always reach out to. Genesis, for being my roommate and sharing late night conversations with me and always making sure I am okay. Adria, for being my partner in crime and adventure buddy. 
  • My Kollegium friends and the family I made abroad! Thank you for all the dinners, adventures, and  memories that will last a lifetime 🙂 
  • My visiting-host family: Anja and Anders  were like parents for me in Denmark and really provided me with a familly to come to. Through this experience, I also gained an amazing friend, Evan! I am thankful for  all the dinners, outings, and cultural exchanges, and happy that Evan and I became good friends with Anders’ son Laurits too 🙂 
  • My bike! Getting a bike and letting that be my main form of transportation allowed me to see the city in such a special way. It was a big deal for me as I am not a frequent biker, and I really stepped out of my comfort zone by getting one. It was a very hard goodbye 😦  
  • Amagerbro, my home base in Copenhagen. I was so lucky to live in such a beautiful area. I will truly miss all the canal walks and picnics I had here. 
  • My courses! I had the greatest time in Prostitution and the Sex Trade, Health Economics and Policy in Europe, Danish: Language and Culture, Epidemiology: Danish Case Studies, and Complexity of Cancer. Along the way, I made great friendships, and I was challenged both personally and academically. I especially will miss Devida, the most amazing professor I have ever had and everything she taught us in our Prostitution Class. This course was such a unique academic experience, and I made some of my closest friends out of it!

Thank you for such a fantastic semester DIS! I wish every future student the best of luck in their experiences in Copenhagen. There’s no doubt that you will have the time of your life 🙂 

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